New Wolverine 3: Logan Photo Teases Mysterious Figure

It's been a busy week for the X-Men. Or, really, just Wolverine. The iconic character has made headlines as the title for his final standalone film was released thanks to Hugh Jackman, and several plot details of the film also hit the Internet. Logan has since capitalized on its popularity and created a viral promotional campaign on Instagram, and its newest photo can only be called mysterious.

The new picture uploaded to 'wponx' shows a noir-esque image of waterlogged asphalt. The cracked asphalt can be seen drenched in standing water, a several interesting reflections can be seen in the puddles. Obviously, fans can see neon lights which set the picture at a motel with vacancy. But, most importantly, there appears to be a shadowy reflection of a man in the large pool as well.

The silhouette is small, but it does gives fans a few hints as to who the person's identity may be. The slender figure can be seen wearing a full-brim hat and appears to have facial hair.

Of course, the reflection has prompted many fans to believe the image is of Old Man Logan himself. After all, the hero did have a tendency to wear similar hats in the comics - just look at Old Man Logan #1. There's also the possibility of Professor X being the man behind the photo. Teaser images have shown how the telepath will appear in Logan, and the pictures leave him worse for wear. Perhaps Charles Xavier will be willing to cover his aging visage with a hat?

Those two characters aren't the only ones which fans are speculating over. Some question whether the reflection may belong to that of Magneto given his love of headgear. Fans are even tapping Caliban as a possible answer since the mutant is said to be traveling with Logan and Professor X in the film. The albino, bald-headed character might try to keep a low profile by wearing a nondescript hat around.

This isn't the first image 'wponx' has posted for the final Wolverine flick. Not long ago, they posted an image of a strange, gated area. A sign can be seen that features Spanish text and warns trespassers to keep away. The translation roughly amounts to "Warning: The law prohibits entry or loitering on any part of these roads." The sign has only fueled rumors that Logan will be set partially in South America and reveal the Weapon X facility where both Wolverine and his female clone X-23 were created.


A photo posted by @wponx on

After all, the Instagram account for Logan is 'wponx' - a clear nod to the term Weapon X. Purported plot details about the film state the secret project will feature heavily in Logan as Wolverine connects with his clone. The Wrap has reported the young girl isn't specifically referred to as X-23 or Laura Kinney in the film but is a mutant who has "two claws instead of three."


So, what do you think about Logan's latest photo teaser? Who is the strange figure reflected in the water? Tell us your suspicions in the comments below!

Logan hits theaters on March 3, 2017, followed by Deadpool 2 on January 12, 2018. Movie versions of Gambit, New Mutants, and X-Force are still being developed.