Here's Where to Get All of Funko's NY Toy Fair 2019 Pop Figures

Buckle up Funko fans, because today (February 15th, 2019) promises to be one of the biggest days [...]


Buckle up Funko fans, because today (February 15th, 2019) promises to be one of the biggest days ever for Pop figure releases thanks to New York Toy Fair 2019. We've been told that it will be considerably larger than the wave they released for London Toy Fair back in January, which should put the situation into perspective.

That having been said, we expect Funko to announce new Pop figures every 15 to 30 minutes throughout the entire day today. The announcements began at around 5am EST and there's no telling how long they will go. What we do know is that all of the new figures will be available to pre-order right here shortly after they're announced. Below you will find a list of the individual Funko Pop releases that will update throughout the day. Pre-order links will be added as they become available (UPDATE: The items might not be available immediately - note that new releases will be marked on the product pages as "New Pre-Orders / February 15th"). You can also keep tabs on our Funko page for details on standout waves.

5:15am: KISS Pops

5:30am: Johnny Cash Pop

5:45am: NSYNC Pop

6:00am: Post Malone Pop

6:20am: Migos Pop

6:30am: Backstreet Boys Pop

6:45am: BTS Pops

7:00am: Fairy Tail Pops

7:15am: Yu Yu Hakusho Pop

7:30am: My Hero Academia Pops

7:45am: Castlevania Pops

8:00am: Mermaid Betty Boop Pop

8:15am: The Simpsons Pops

8:30am: Scooby Doo Haunted Mansion Pop Town

8:45am: SpongeBob SquarePants Pop Town

9:00am: Garfield Pops

9:15am: Sanford and Son Pops

9:30am: Hercules: The Legendary Journeys Pop

9:45am: Xena Warrior Princess Pop

10:00am: The Addams Family Pops

10:15am: Cheers Pops

10:30am: Community Pops

10:45am: The Office Pops

11:00am: Dawson's Creek Pops

11:15am: Billions Pops

11:30am: Big Bang Theory Pops

11:45am: Wheel of Fortune Pops

12:00pm: Jeopardy Pops

12:20pm: Rick and Morty Pops

12:30pm: Alien

12:45pm: Beverly Hills Cop Pops

1:00pm: Cheech & Chong Vynl

1:15pm: Pretty Woman Pops

1:30pm: Caddyshack Pops

1:45pm: Jaws Pops

2:00pm: Forrest Gump Pops

2:15pm: Men in Black Pops

2:30pm: Super Troopers Pops

2:45pm: Ghostbusters Pops

3:00pm: The Secret Life of Pets Pops

3:15pm: Hellboy Pop

3:30pm: Pet Sematary

3:45pm: Suicide Squad Vynl

4:00pm: Marvel Dark Phoenix Pop

4:15pm: Street Fighter Savage World Figures

4:30pm: Star Wars Pop PEZ

4:45pm: Disney Villains Pop PEZ

5:00pm: Wreck-It Ralph Pop PEZ

5:15pm: Hanna-Barbera Pop PEZ

5:30pm: Ad Icons Pop PEZ

5:45pm: Otter Pops Pop

6:00pm: Green Giant Pop / Kool-Aid Man Pop

6:15pm: Jim Henson Pop

6:30pm: Sports Pops

9:00am / February 16th: Spider-Man: Far From Home Pops

11:00am: Shazam! Pops

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