Deadpool Defends Nickelback in New 'Once Upon A Deadpool' Trailer

If you're going to insult one of Canada's most popular musical acts of all time, make sure not to [...]

If you're going to insult one of Canada's most popular musical acts of all time, make sure not to do it in front of one of the country's most prominent actors. Fred Savage learned this lesson the hard way.

In one of the early trailers for Once Upon a Deadpool, the PG-13 theatrical retelling of Deadpool 2, Savage looks Ryan Reynolds' titular character in the face and tells him that Fox's Marvel movies are terrible, like if The Beatles were produced my Nickelback. "It's music, but it sucks." Of course, being played by a true Canadian, Deadpool doesn't take too kindly to the criticism of the previously popular band and, in a brand new promo, he fires back.

"Okay, that's it. I'm done," Deadpool says to Savage in the promo. "I've had it with all this Nickelback hating, alright? You think that makes you cool with the cool kids in school, Fred?"

Savage quickly replies with, "No, it just makes me right. They're over-produced, formulaic, ear garbage." This is the straw that really breaks Deadpool's back, and he decides to give Savage a lesson in the success of Nickelback.

"Oh really? You know who might disagree with that? Facts. 50 million albums worldwide. 11th best selling musical act of all time. Billboard's most successful rock group of the last decade. Six Grammy nominations. 12 Juno Awards - those count. Six Billboard Music Awards. Two American Music Awards. One People's Choice Award (Canadian). And a partidge in a f*****g pear tree."

After being successfully schooled in the quality of Nickelback, Savage apologizes to his new kidnapper friend. After a moment or two of uncomfortable silence, Savage offers Deadpool an olive branch in the form of one of Nickelback's most popular songs. Reaching out his hand, the actor sings the lyric, "Tired of livin' like a blind man." Deadpool quickly responds with the next line in the song, "I'm sick of sight without a sense of feeling."

As the trailer wraps up, the two men join hands and continue to sing "This Is How You Remind Me," as the music drops in behind them. Fans watching are also reminded that $1 of very ticket sold to Once Upon a Deadpool this Holiday season will be donated to the Fudge Cancer foundation.

What did you think of Deadpool's new Nickelback-centric promo? Will you be heading out to see it when it arrives this week? Let us know in the comments!

Once Upon a Deadpool opens in theaters on December 12th.