Oscar Isaac Thinks Moon Knight Would Beat The Mandalorian in a Fight

If there's ever a Marvel and Star Wars crossover battle, you can best believe Team Marvel thinks it'll win in the fight. That, of course, is according to Moon Knight star Oscar Isaac, who says his vigilante character could easily best Pedro Pascal's Din Djarin. In an interview with Remezcla, Isaac said Marc Spector would "definitely" win the fight.

"Moon Knight would definitely win, and who cares if Pedro agrees because it's fact," Isaac joked about the situation. "You can't argue facts."

Isaac and Pascal have become social media darlings for their very public friendship throughout the years, so you can best believe the two have at least thought about a potential fight. Isaac also appeared in the Star Wars sequel trilogy as Pascal continues leading The Mandalorian, now filming its third season. The actor couldn't star too far away from the Mouse, because now he's leading his own Marvel franchise.

"I had mostly reservations. I was a very difficult decision," Isaac previously said about joining the MCU. "So it was really important that if I was going to do it, it had to feel like there was something really different and special and unique about it. One of the first things was I started to create this really weird, different character that wasn't necessarily on the page. And, in a way, was to get me interested, but was also to see if Kevin and everybody at Marvel was interested in a collaboration. I presented that character to them and Kevin said, 'Yeah, go for it,' gave me the green light with it. So I really felt like there was an opportunity to make a personal story on the biggest of stages."

Marvel's next project is Moon Knight, which hits Disney+ on March 30th.

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