Jon Bernthal May Have Revealed 'The Punisher's Cancellation

It looks like the end might be here for the Punisher. Frank Castle started a new journey under Netflix with an original series, but it seems the show is wrapping. A brand-new post from star Jon Bernthal has got fans feeling concerned about The Punisher's status, and it isn't hard to see why.

Taking to Twitter and Instagram, Bernthal posted a somber message to fans that appears to bid Frank Castle farewell.

"To all who have served. All who know loss. All who love and understand Frank and his pain. It has been an honor to walk in his boots. I'm endlessly grateful to the comic fans and the men and women of the Armed Services and law enforcement community who Frank means so much to. Thank you to the USMC and all the wonderful soldiers who trained me. Go Hard. Be safe," Bernthal wrote.

The caption was accompanied with a simple image of the Punisher, leaving fans to fret even more so.

At this time, no official confirmation has come from Netflix or Marvel Entertainment regarding a cancellation. has reached out for comment.

While this post has upset fans' hope of a continuation, reports have long indicated The Punisher had a waning future with Netflix. Despite a well-reviewed second season, the show's connection with Marvel Studios and Disney put a large strain on its relationship with Netflix.

According to a recent report by Deadline, The Punisher and Jessica Jones aren't expected to get renewals by Netflix, and the prediction came after The Defenders, Iron Fist, Luke Cage, and Daredevil were cancelled in turn. The Punisher's second season debuted last month, leaving its future with the streaming service up in the air, while Jessica Jones has yet to debut its third season. No word has been given on how Jessica Jones will fare following its upcoming comeback, but if The Punisher has been - well - punished with a cancellation, then it is only a matter of time before The Punisher bows out from Netflix's roster.


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The Punisher seasons one and two are currently streaming on Netflix.