New 'Punisher' Season 2 Promo Released by Marvel Netflix

If you're excited about the return of Marvel's The Punisher on Netflix, then this new season 2 [...]

If you're excited about the return of Marvel's The Punisher on Netflix, then this new season 2 promo trailer will get your blood running. As you can see below, Jon Bernthal's Frank Castle will definitely be getting bad guys' blood running all over the streets of NYC this season, in some more brutal ways than we've ever seen.

The new promo (see below) shows Frank Castle attempting to settle down and get a little small town loving from a local barmaid, only to have things go south when some bad people try to snatch a young teen girl from the bar. Frank is forced to get down and very dirty to save the girl - and apparently, his new would-be love interest gets caught in the crossfire. That leads to The Punisher having to return to NYC, where one problem he left behind (Billy Russo) is coming back to haunt them. Billy is now horribly scarred and totally insane, and seems to be gathering a team of other psychos into a violent gang. That leaves Frank facing an army of killers who are probably as highly-trained and skilled as he is. However, Frank is ready to step up and be "what he was meant to be," by embracing his Punisher persona fully, and without restraint.

In our Punisher season 2 review, we deemed the new season to be Marvel Netflix's most successful sophomore season yet. Sure, some of the usual Marvel Netflix pacing issues are still apparent, but as we said in the review:

"The Punisher Season Two is arriving at a dark time for the Marvel Netflix brand, as companion series Daredevil, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, and The Defenders have all been cancelled. Fans expect that the remaining two series (Punisher and Jessica Jones) will also get axed after their respective new seasons, and in the case of Punisher, that end would ironically come when the character is finally fully locked, loaded, and ready to take his place in the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe."

The Punisher season 2 premieres on Netflix on January 18th. It will be followed by Jessica Jones season 3 later this year.