'The Punisher' Star Reveals Favorite Scene to Film

Netflix may have officially brought an end to Marvel's The Punisher, but that doesn't mean the [...]

Netflix may have officially brought an end to Marvel's The Punisher, but that doesn't mean the fans, nor the actors that participated in the series, have to stop sharing their fond memories from the set.

Ahead of the cancellation announcement this week, ComicBook.com spoke with Royce Johnson, who portrayed Brett Mahoney on the series, about his time working on The Punisher. When we asked about his favorite scene to film, he was quick to bring up that ambulance stunt from the recently-released second season.

"One of my favorite scenes? I guess it was, as an actor, myself, there was a lot of favorite scenes," Johnson began. "It's a great show, I mean, everybody. A lot of favorite scenes. But I would say that doing the stunt with Jon [Bernthal] in the air with the ambulance, us dropping down at least 12 to 15 feet on hydraulics. I think that was a challenge for me. And Madani shot with squibs, and I'd never been squid-ed before.

"And also, just having that one-on-one time with Jon as the Punisher in his costume, having captured the Punisher, and telling me, 'Take this collar. It's gonna mean something in the city, it's gonna mean something for your career.' That was a touching scene for me. I mean, they added the score and everything, but it meant something to me. Like, whoever this guy is, he's helping me out in a lot of ways. He's not only catching bad guys, but he's also helping me have a bigger voice in the law enforcement community by doing this."

Johnson went on to elaborate on the term "squid-ing" and he explained that it was a way of filming scenes in which your character gets shot.

"Squid-ing, yeah, when you get shot," he said. "Yeah, he was like, 'You got shot with a bulletproof vest on.' No, I didn't get shot. I took bullets, but they go off in the vest. There's a battery behind you, that actually ... that explodes. It was only one take. I wanted to do it again just for the fun of it, but the director was like, 'I got what we needed the first time.'

"So they tape you all together, put some black earplugs in your ear, and you do the scene, and you react to it. But you don't feel anything. I mean, you don't feel nothing, but the sound alone is enough to make you feel you've been shot. And I did that, fell back, and then the stunt team came in, and they do what they do. There's another scene where John knocks me out and hit the trashcan. And then the stunt team comes in again, and I wake up on the floor. I love that part about the job. You know?"

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