'The Punisher' Stars React to Eminem Calling Out Netflix

Netflix completed it's Marvel purge by cancelling The Punisher and Jessica Jones, and members of [...]

Netflix completed it's Marvel purge by cancelling The Punisher and Jessica Jones, and members of the cast are loving Eminem's reaction to Netflix.

The Punisher, which just wrapped up its second season, and Jessica Jones, which has yet to air its third season, are the final Marvel series to be canceled by Netflix, and Eminem didn't take the news so well. He took to Twitter and said DEAR @NETFLIX, REGARDING YOUR CANCELLATION OF THE PUNISHER, YOU ARE BLOWING IT!! SINCERELY, MARSHALL."

Stars of The Punisher took to social media to react to the cancellation prompting a response from Eminem, including Dinah Madani actress Amber Rose Revah, who said "I guess this means @Eminem watches our show. I imagine this is that same feeling as when you have your first child."

Krista Dumont actress Floriana Lima also shared her reaction to Em's words, saying "Well now...the real Slim Shady JUST stood up my friends 🤯 Thank you @eminem."

Netflix and Marvel have been parting ways for a bit now, with Disney first not renewing its agreement with the streaming service for its movies and television properties, which are now set to debut on the company's upcoming Disney+ streaming service. That will start with Captain Marvel, but there was also tension between Netflix and Marvel regarding the shared shows before that.

Most of that came from a differing of opinion regarding how to handle them, most notably when it came to length. Netflix reportedly knew that Marvel shows tended to dip in the middle and beyond in the season, so they wanted to shorten the seasons of those Marvel shows, which would take care of the dip and also make them less expensive for Netflix to produce.

For Disney that was not going to happen, as it saw the loss of revenue from that move as counterproductive, especially since it couldn't use those characters for any of their other projects. Netflix finally pulled the plug first with Iron Fist and then Luke Cage and Daredevil, though, like The Punisher, those cancellations were done after the last season aired. With Jessica Jones, it is being done before the show even debuts.

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