Avengers Fan Proves How Quicksilver's Death is the Most Agonizing of the MCU

The record for the shortest stint as a member of the Avengers has to belong to Aaron Taylor-Johnson's Quicksilver. The character, first properly introduced — and subsequently killed — in Avengers: Age of Ultron ended up giving his life to protect Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner) and an innocent Sokovian child. As harrowing as the scene was as it unfolded, one Marvel fan is reminding us just how gruesome and agonizing of a death it was for the speedster.

Thinking back to the masterpiece that brought James Spader into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Quicksilver raced in front of an Ultron-driven Quinjet that was raining bullets down on the loading get-away vessels for Sokovian refugees. As u/Uzmonkey points out, if we use the logic of The CW's The Flash or even 20th Century's version of Quicksilver we've seen in the X-Men franchise, it stands to reason each of these bullets took its time digging into the flesh of the speedster.

"The speed he was traveling at would have made the bullets seem comparatively slow to him, much like when Hawkeye shot the glass out from under him in Avengers Tower," the Redditor suggests. And on the surface, we tend to agree with him. After all, in the history of speedsters in live-action, when hasn't the science allowed for them to move faster than bullets?

If that's the case and he could move further than bullets, one would think he would have been able to move them out of the way, right? But hey, Joss Whedon needed the sorrow.

As for Quicksilver proper, fans might be advised against holding their breath for a potential return. Despite audition tapes that suggest otherwise, Taylor-Johnson said last fall he wouldn't be returning to the MCU "anytime soon."

"I think we're both open to possibilities, like the Marvel Universe like it has been over the years, but obviously yes, I'm aware of the Disney+ platform and all of the shows that are going and I'm still in touch with a lot of the people," the actor said. "I mean, I think it's safe to say that no, I'm not gonna... there will be no appearance of me coming out or Quicksilver appearing anytime soon."

Avengers: Age of Ultron is now streaming on Disney+.


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