Miles Teller Posts About 'Fantastic Four' Co-Star Reg E. Cathey's Death

Today the world lost another great actor and entertainer, in the form of Reg E. Cathey, the esteemed actor best known for his roles as BBQ rib join owner Freddy in House of Cards, and Dr. Franklin Storm in the 2015 Fantastic Four reboot. Among the many stars to share fond memories and heartfelt farewells was Cathey's Fantastic Four co-star, Miles Teller:

Fantastic Four is now infamous for the way it crashed and burned under Chronicle director Josh Trank. Reg E. Cathey caught his fair share of the controversy surrounding Fantastic Four, as there were many fan complaints about his being cast as Dr. Franklin Storm (traditionally a white character); having his "children" Sue (Kate Mara) and Johnny (Michael B. Jordan) be an interracial mix didn't really help quell that fan confusion and backlash.

Ultimately, Cathey was a scene-stealer, bringing heavy gravitas and authority to the role of Dr. Storm and serving as one of the few solid points of Trank's vision of Fantastic Four. But that was the sort of actor he was: even if viewers didn't know his name, they always remembered his face and screen presence, whether it was from his roles in HBO's Oz, The Corner, The Wire, House of Cards, Fantastic Four - or so many other great performances.

R.I.P. Reginald Eugene Cathey, August 18, 1958 - February 9, 2018.