Marvel Debuts New Looks for Gambit and Rogue

Last week, Marvel Comics released the first issue of Mr. and Mrs. X, the previously classified series following up on Rogue and Gambit's surprise wedding in X-Men Gold. The issue included some new looks for Rogue and Gambit during their adventures in space.

SPOILERS for Mr. and Mrs. X #1 by Kelly Thompson, Oscar Bazaldua, and Frank D'Armata follow.

Rogue and Gambit go through a few costume changes in Mr. and Mr. X #1. The first third or so of the issue sees the couple wearing their wedding day outfits, Gambit in a tuxedo and Rogue in her wedding dress.

The second portion of the issue finds Rogue and Gambit on their honeymoon, wearing...well, not much of anything.

Unfortunately for the newlyweds, they're still X-Men, which means trouble follows them even into outer space. Kitty Pryde contacts the couple and interrupts their marital bliss with an urgent mission. It seems someone Kitty trusts sent out a distress call from space, which makes Rogue and Gambit the nearest available X-Men.

Rogue and Gambit suit up for action, but not in their usual superhero costumes. Instead, they put on these armored spacesuits:

Rogue and Gambit

These definitely seem more functional than fashionable - they are in space after all - but they are color-coded, Rogue in green and Gambit in purple, suggested they were specially tailored for the couple in particular. They are definitely action-figure worthy.

That said, it doesn't look like these will be Rogue and Gambit's new standard costumes. At the end of the issue [SPOILER warning] Rogue, after seemingly exploding in the vacuum of space, wakes up in bed with Deadpool wearing her usual hooded green tunic costume. Still, it's a neat new look for the characters' space adventures.

Mr. and Mrs. X #1 received a strong review from

"In a very real way, Thompson, Bazaldua, and D'Armata have with Mr. and Mrs. X #1 delivered the comic book that many fans have been waiting their entire comics-reading lives to read. People have been following Rogue and Gambit's ups and downs for decades waiting for a series that does the couple justice by celebrating their love rather than leaning on their heartbreak. With Thompson's delightful dialogue and characterizations, Bazaldua's balance of the intimate and the exciting, and D'Armata's tone-setting, Mr. and Mrs. X seems set to deliver equal parts overdue emotional payoff and endearing adventure."

Mr. and Mrs. X #1 by Kelly Thompson, Oscar Bazaldua, and Frank D'Armata is on sale now.