'Marvel's Runaways' Season 2 NYCC Panel


Marvel scored a young adult superhero hit with the first season of Marvel's Runaways, but the acclaimed Hulu series definitely has a much bigger fan following as it arrives for its much anticipated panel at New York Comic-Con 2018.

The Runaways panel provides our first real look at the details of the upcoming season 2, which is going to hit the ground running, after the big cliffhanger of season 1, which saw The Runaways crew live up to their namesake.

To begin the panel, we got a recap video that went over the general storyline and highlights of season 1. The clip was mostly footage and music, with little dialogue - until we get to the end of it, where we see the group still on the run. While they are making their way over one hilly section of the LA outskirts, Karolina (Virginia Gardner) falls through the ground and has to catch herself using her flight powe. As the camera pulls back, it's clear that Karolina may have discovered a new hideout that's all-too-familiar to fans of the comics...

After the clip, Marvel TV head Jeph Loeb came out on stage to work the crowd and warm them up - along with warning us about the usual piracy concerns - a good indication that some new footage is about to be revealed!

In attendance are:

  • Allegra Acosta (Molly)
  • Ariela Barer (Gert)
  • Gregg Sulkin (Chase)
  • Virginia Gardner (Karolina)
  • Lyrica Okano (Nico)
  • Rhenzy Feliz (Alex)
  • Stephanie Savage (Showrunner, producer)

Savage and Loeb explained that co-showunner Josh Schwartz is in Italy for his anniversary - while select cast members from the P.R.I.D.E. organization were actually hidden in the audience!

Savage starts off by describing the bigger, louder, more powers and Marvel secrets version of the show that we'll get in season 2, teasing that Runaways is now living up to its name.

Acosta describes Molly in the new season as being the street-smart one that comes into her own power, and wants to be her own kind of hero. She promises we're getting some really cool action sequences.

Sulkin (who sounds very British) describes Chase's season 2 arc as being one of growing from boy to man. He also teases growth in the Gert/Chase relationship, which gets a roar from the crowd. The ominous part comes when he mentions that "You never know someone until you live with them." Loeb calls out the crowd members shocked with Sulkin's accent.

Barer describes how Gert is now facing poverty and suffering first-hand for the first time (despite her activism), and has to deal with those heavy emotions without the crutch of her medication.

Gardner describes how Karolina is now going to be much more empowered this season - and also will get very intimate with Nico. She teases that they Karolina and Nico share a bedroom above Alex, which Rhenzy describes as "some awkward nights."

Okano reveals that Nico will step up to be a leader of the group, which she describes as fun for her. She will push her teammates to train and organize, like a true drill sergeant.

Feliz says that instead of telling us what Alex has ben up to, we should see a clip. Loeb and Savage lament that they have no clips to share, but the cast turns on them, with Sulkin and Okano demanding that Loeb give the people what they want!

Loeb obliges - by reavling all of episode 1!

The first episode picks up with the group on the run and living on the streets, and details the hardships they face trying to go from their world of privilege to a world of poverty. We'll be sure to give you a full breakdown in our Runaways season 2 premiere review - so check back for that soon!

The cast returned to the stage to share their views on the season 2 premiere. Barer teased that the episode sets up a lot of things that will "fall like dominoes" as the season goes on - and she delighted in knowing but not sharing those Spoilers. Sulkin went full film geek about it, raving that direction of the episode was spectacular. A major part of the premiere is the Runaways gang discovering their iconic hostel hideout, and the cast raves about how great that set really is.


The first question of the "yes or no" option was whether or not some new characters of the Runaways comics will be making their debut. Jeph Loeb played it coy, but there definitely could be. Stay tuned.

Sulkin reveals that seeing the powers in season 1 has helped them act out their powers in season 2

The cast revealed the Marvel live-action characters they'd like to play. Names like Punisher, Jessica Jones, Daredevil, and Lenny from Legion were thrown out.

Feliz says that we can trust Alex - but can we.

Avengers 4 will not , according to Loeb, affect Runaways season 2 in any way.

The cast described how they reacted to getting the roles or audition. Sulkin had to hit the gym; Okano hit up her wiccan friend in NYC for details; Feliz borrowed some big glasses from a friend to audition (they didn't work); Acosta went to the comics.

Loeb says there have been "conversations about a lot of things" in terms of Runaways crossing over with Cloak & Dagger, but there's nothing confirmed yet.

The female cast revealed which Marvel Netflix shows they'd love to crossover with. Jessica Jones was the immediate favorite - Acosta wants to beat up The Punisher.

Loeb plays coy about what kind of larger MCU Easter eggs may be buried in season 2.

Savage teases that there could be a "mole" in the ranks of the Runaways - and it could be any of the main cast.

Old Lace is easy to act with, as its mostly an animatronic robot.


Okano and Feliz tease the "will they / won't they of Alex and Nico in season 2

I new season 2 trailer was shown! The trailer had lots of supwerpowers, intrigue, teen drama, a few parties - and a new character, Topher, joining the team!

Runaways season 2 premieres on December 21st. Only on Hulu.