Runaways Producer Teases Season 3 Deaths

Agents of SHIELD aside, Hulu's Runaways is the longest-running active show in the Marvel Television stable. It's been running long enough, in fact, Marvel Television boss Jeph Loeb thinks it might be time to kill off one of the show's main characters (or two). Speaking with at New York Comic Con over the weekend, Loeb suggested some characters might not end up making it through Season Three alive.

"Being on Hulu and being able to go...let's just put it this way — this is the season where maybe some of the folks aren't going to get out," Loeb tells us. "With this cast, which we love both personally and professionally, it was challenging but there were stories that meant we would have to see where it was going to go. Something wicked this way comes."

Judging by Loeb's comments and mannerisms — which can be seen in the video above around the 1:45 mark — it would seem to mean that means at least one of the main characters will end up dying at some point throughout the season. Longtime readers of the initial Runaways comic series might instantly think of the harrowing death of Gertrude Yorkes in the second volume of the series. Then, she was stabbed by a member of a new Pride before dying in Chase's arms.

For the most part, Runaways has been fairly comic-accurate when it comes to the characterizations of the main group. With any comic book television show, there have been certain liberties taken and at this point, there's no indication of which character won't be making it through the end of the season.

The Runaways teaser trailer released to coincide with Comic Con largely focused on Nico Minoru (Lyrica Okano), her inner battle with the Staff of One, and the Dark Dimension. Between coming face to face with Morgan le Fey (Elizabeth Hurley) and having the Staff of One seemingly ripped out of her chest, some might think the younger Minoru would be atop the death pool.


Or perhaps Loeb's comments are just one big red herring and none of the kids are killed, rather it's one of the members of the Pride. Either way, we'll find out when Runaways Season Three debuts on Hulu December 13th.

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