Ryan Reynolds Reveals 'Once Upon A Deadpool' Blu-Ray And Digital Release Date

Deadpool 2 is amassing even more money at the box office thanks to Once Upon A Deadpool, and now Ryan Reynolds has revealed when the new PG-13 cut of the movie will hit Blu-ray and digital platforms.

Reynolds revealed a new photo of himself in full Deadpool gear laying on Fred Savage's leg as Savage reads the great holiday story. It turns out fans won't have to wait long to watch the new cut at home, as Once Upon A Deadpool hits Blu-ray and digital platforms on January 15th. Pre-orders are live now.

The caption reads "The movie your kids want to watch without your permission. Now with your permission. Get #OnceUponADeadpool in glorious PG-13 on Blu-ray and Digital January 15 ⚔️." You can check out the photos below.

Once Upon A Deadpool was put together rather quickly and in secret, two things awfully hard to accomplish in Hollywood these days. For Dark Phoenix director Simon Kinberg, a lot of credit for making that happen and making the movie successful goes to Reynolds.

"Ryan Reynolds and his studio—but I will give credit to Ryan Reynolds more than anyone else—is extraordinary at figuring out ways to get around the system," Kinberg told Collider. "And be clever, both in terms of getting attention when it comes to viral stuff and in terms of deflecting attention when it comes to something like this. In the same way that Beyonce and Kanye can drop an album out of nowhere, Ryan figured out a way to drop a movie out of nowhere."

Once Upon A Deadpool might be a PG-13 reimagining of the film, but it is helping the previously released Deadpool 2 at the box office. Domestically Deadpool 2 ended its run with $318 million (via Box Office Mojo), but Once Upon A Deadpool has added just over $6 million to its total so far, bringing Deadpool 2's new domestic total to $324,505,097 million. That still doesn't beat the $363 million the first one made, but it doesn't hurt either.

Worldwide the film has added $7 million to Deadpool 2's previous total of $735 million for a total of $742 million. The first Deadpool sits at number one amongst the series though at $783 million.

You can read the official description below.


"Fred Savage will join Reynolds in new scenes for ONCE UPON A DEADPOOL in an homage to Savage's starring role in the 1987 bedtime-story classic THE PRINCESS BRIDE. Fred remarked, "while my participation in this film was anything but voluntary, I am happy to learn that Fudge Cancer will be the beneficiary of this shameless cash grab"

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