Ant-Man Star Paul Rudd Makes Surprise Appearance on Saturday Night Live

Saturday Night Live is off and rolling again with Jennifer Lopez hosting. Marvel fans were in for a bit of a surprise as the show featured a sketch with Jimmy Fallon, James Corden, and Paul Rudd as various global leaders. Corden portrayed United Kingdom Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Jimmy Fallon filled in his role as Canada's Justin Trudeau. Paul Rudd put on a hilarious French accent as Emmanuel Macron. Viewers seemed delighted to see Rudd pop up with Fallon and Corden. This continues a bit of a theme with recent weeks as a number of actors seemingly turn up just to do their quick bit and maybe one sketch. Still, seeing the Ant-Man actor a couple of weeks after seeing Ryan Reynolds turn up during the open monologues and a very gross Weekend Update is fantastic. The surprises will likely keep coming as the lineup for the rest of the year has a big name after big name as Christmas looms in the near future.

People had been wondering how the presidential impeachment would figure into this week's show. A lot had tabbed Alec Baldwin to come aboard once again to flex that Donald Trump impression. But, lo and behold Rudd as the French politician came and stole the show. Kate McKinnon continues to be a veritable Swiss Army Knife as it relates to playing all sorts of characters from the current administration. Kamala Harris also dropped out of the Democratic race this week, so that might make an appearance somewhere along the line as well.

Even still, some have their eyes turned to next week's episode where Scarlett Johansson will return to host for the sixth time. That last appearance was all the way back in 2017. Former One Direction member Nial Horan will be along as a musical guest for that episode. This week, fans get a surprise from Hip-Hop rookie extraordinaire DaBaby who will probably bring a ton of energy to the stage.


This entire season of SNL has created a feeling that missing just one sketch or segment of the show could mean losing out on seeing one of your favorite actors basically wander on-stage for a brief cameo. It's hard to miss Paul Rudd, and chances are he isn't done working for the night just yet.