Shang-Chi Star Reveals His Weird Star Wars Fantasy

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings star Simu Liu has some strange Star Wars fantasies that he'd like to live out. On Twitter, the MCU actor joked that he's considered retiring and making Star Wars TikToks for the rest of his days. Understandably, Marvel fans who loved his work on the movie want to see him return for many more entries in the franchise. However, Liu has always enjoyed Star Wars and probably wouldn't mind splitting time in between the two worlds. If this leads to a secret TikTok account where the Shang-Chi star shares his specific brand of comedy, then that would be a massive win for everyone involved. For now though, it's probably just Twitter jokes for everyone to get a good chuckle out of while we wait for his character to show up in another Marvel project. Read what he tweeted below.

Variety's Actors on Actors series paired the MCU hero with West Side Story's Ariana DeBose recently. (She'll also be entering Marvel world with Kraven the Hunter as Calypso!) Liu revealed that he "exaggerated" his martial arts experience to get the part in the massive franchise.

"When I got the part, they asked me about my martial arts background and experience, which of course I exaggerated because I wanted the job really badly," Liu admitted. "I had done some work as an on-again, off-again stuntman, but if we're honest, I think I was more of a dancer than I ever was a martial artist. Pretty much from the moment I was cast, I started working with trainers and learning how to move. I had such awful flexibility. My groin and my tendons were just so stiff. A big part of that early process was just bending my body and trying to rip those legs apart." 

Liu added, "Making it appear as if it is not over-choreographed was equally important for our movie. We worked with an incredible action director in Brad Allan who sadly passed away last year. He came from the Jackie Chan stunt team and has such an awareness of fighting in a way that is dance-like. He played such a big role, alongside our fight choreographers, in making each action sequence feel like a living, breathing thing."


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