She-Hulk Episode 4's Best Scene With Wong and Madisynn Wasn't in the Script

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has a new fan-favorite duo. The friendship between Madisynn and Wong in the latest episode of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law has immediately won over fans of Marvel with their chemistry, appearing together in several scenes and causing a ton of laughs each time. As it turns out, that chemistry won over the creative team as well. Perhaps Wong and Madisynn's best scene was added after the fact, just because Benedict Wong and Patty Guggenheim were so good together.

She-Hulk director Kat Coiro recently spoke to TVLine about the latest episode of the series, and about the new sensation that is Madisynn. According to Coiro, the mid-credits scene that shows Wong and Madisynn talking about alcohol wasn't in the original scripts at all. The two actors just riffed off one another and it was turned into a scene that left fans talking long after the episode ended.

"When Wong and Madison are riffing with each other...? That didn't exist in the script," Coiro said. "That came purely from the actors' comedic chemistry and us going, 'We've got to throw some cameras on these two, because they're so funny.'"

Coiro went on to explain that she has a long partnership with Guggenheim, with the actress having appeared in several of her previous projects. According to Coiro, she doesn't do much without Guggenheim by her side in some capacity.

"If you do a little deep dive on Kat Coiro, you will find Patty Guggenheim is there all the time," the director said. "I do not go anywhere without that woman. She is a comedic genius.

"When I brought her up [for the She-Hulk role], nobody was familiar with her," Coiro continued. "But then she came in and auditioned for us and everybody – the Marvel executives, [including] Wendy Jacobson and Sean Earley... [showrunner] Jessica [Gao] – everyone watching that audition was actually crying with laughter. Tears streaming down their faces."

Madisynn could easily be a one-off character for She-Hulk and Marvel, but it doesn't seem like that will be the case. People love Madisynn and it would be surprising if we don't see more of her in the future.

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