Spider-Girl Funko Pop Exclusive With Mayhem Chase Figure Is up for Pre-Order


May Parker aka Spider-Girl, daughter of Peter Parker and Mary Jane in the Earth-982 alternate universe, is now an exclusive Pop with a really sweet Chase figure! The Chase is based on April Parker, who is a clone of May and a Symbiote hybrid that goes by the name Mayhem.

The Spider-Girl Funko Pop is a Pop In a Box exclusive that you can pre-order right here for $12.99 while it lasts. If you're lucky, the Chase figure will arrive on your doorstep when this Pop ships in December.

In the Earth-982 universe, Peter Parker retires as Spider-Man after losing a leg in a battle with Green Goblin. Despite trying to keep their child out of the family superhero business, May Parker developed Spider-powers and a passion for crime-fighting. Eventually, Peter and MJ supported May's choice and began helping with her career as Spider-Girl.

April Parker, on the other hand, became a vigilante under the name Mayhem. Chase figures are a 1-in-6-rarity, so good luck getting one!

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