The Simpsons Glowing Mr. Burns Funko Pop Brings You Love


Mr. Burns' weekly medical treatments allow him to stay one step ahead of death, but they sometimes result in lost weekends spent wandering the woods in a daze. That, combined with a "healthy green glow" from years working at a nuclear power plant, once tricked Homer into believing an alien visited Springfield. Now Funko has immortalized alien Mr. Burns in Pop figure form - a Previews Exclusive Funko Pop to be precise.

The Simpsons PX Exclusive Funko Pop features Mr. Burns in a medical gown with dilated eyes. Appropriately, the figure glows green in the dark and features a base that imitates levitation. Pre-orders are live here at Entertainment Earth now for $14.99 with a release date set for November. If you're lucky the extra rare Chase version of the Pop figure will show up on your doorstep. Note that Previews Exclusive collectibles are sold in speciality stores and comic shops in limited quantities. When it sells out you'll be able to find it here on eBay in both standard and Chase versions.

The alien Mr. Burns Funko Pop is based on the events of The Springfield Files episode of The Simpsons that aired in 1997. It featured Special Agents Mulder (David Duchovny) and Scully (Gillian Anderson) from the X-Files who were called in to investigate Homer's alien sighting. Leonard Nimoy also appeared in the episode as himself, drawn by "cosmic forces" to investigate the unknown in Springfield.

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