Spider-Man Gets His Black Suit Back

Spider-Man is "back in black" again, only this time it wasn't by choice and the rules are a bit different.

SPOILERS for Venomized #1 follow.

Some months ago, Venom discovered that there is a species called Poisons who travel across the multiverse hunting down symbiotes and consuming the hosts they are bonded to.

Venom thought that he had eliminated the threat of the Poisons, but he was wrong. The X-Men forced Venom to help them on a mission to space to rescue Corsair from a group of mercenaries who were all bonded to symbiotes. The mission went horribly wrong when the Poisons revealed themselves, having found their way into Venom's own reality. Jean Grey was consumed and turned into a Poison.

The remaining X-Men and Venom raced back to Earth to try to warn the heroes of the coming threat, but they were too late. The Poisons beat them there and began attacking superhero hotspots, beginning with the Xavier School, with guns that fire symbiotes, preparing the heroes for later consumption.

One of the heroes targeted was Spider-Man. He ran into a Poison Punisher from another universe, and the Poison Punisher managed to hit Spider-Man with one of his symbiotes, leading to the recreation of the classic Secret Wars cover from Peter Parker's first encounter with the Venom symbiote:

Venomized Spider-Man

Spider-Man has plenty of experience dealing with symbiotes, and so he immediately sets off to rid himself of the new symbiote before it gets too attached. He heads to a bell tower, a familiar location for fans of Spider-Man and Venom, and rings the bell. Normally, loud noises like this would cause a symbiote to freak out and detach from its host. Not this time. Instead, the symbiote goes berserk, inflicting pain on Spider-Man but refusing to let go. When Spider-Man recovers he realizes that the symbiotes is scared and being forced to bond against it will.

Pretty soon, a lot of other heroes from the X-Men and Avengers are bonded to symbiotes. The Poisons, led by Poison Thanos, are going about their plot for domination and Carnage, of all people, could be Earth's only hope.


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Venomized #1 is on sale now.