Major Spider-Man Character Dies in 'Amazing Spider-Man' #800

Marvel's Amazing Spider-Man #800 was every bit the climactic finale you expected, but it did not finish without a cost to the man behind the mask Peter Parker.

Spoilers incoming for Amazing Spider-Man #800, so if you haven't read the issue yet you've been warned. You can also read our full review here.

The final battle between Spider-Man and the Red Goblin was an all hands on deck effort, as just about all of Spidey's allies (and even enemies) had a hand in delivering the Goblin his defeat. None played a more important role though than Flash Thompson, who utilized the Anit-Venom suit to single-handedly thwart Norman Osborne's final opus. Unfortunately, it cost him his life.

(Photo: Marvel Comics)

Throughout the issue (and in previous issues), Goblin targets Peter's close friends and family with calculated assaults, attempting to go after Aunt May, Mary Jane, Clash, Silk, and Harry. While he doesn't apprehend them he does end up sticking them with tiny shards, which he reveals are parts of him.

His plan is to with a snap of his fingers send those shards into their pain centers, eventually killing them but also doing it in an agonizing way. He makes good on his promise, but a weathered Flash Thompson shows up to the party, revealing that he discovered the effects of those shards in Clash, and after figuring out who Spidey really was he went to others that would have been affected, cleansing them of the shards with the Anti-Venom powers he had left.

Goblin's a bit pissed about all that, and sends Spidey off with his glider (who is back in the black suit), focusing all his rage on Flash. Flash gets a shot in thanks to his remaining powers, but it isn't enough, and Goblin continually shocks him with electricity from his gloves before Spider-Man can get free.

Peter's anger kickstarts the symbiote into a Venom-like stance, but Flash talks him down, saying that the symbiote is good and not to let his anger corrupt it. Peter offers to give Flash the symbiote to save him, but Flash tells him not to, as it might not work and kill the symbiote in the process, robbing Peter of his one advantage against Red Goblin.

Flash tells Peter to save the city and do what he does best. "People need you. They need...Peter Parker...the Amazing Spider-Man. My hero. My friend--"


With those final words, Peter mourns the loss of his friend and then heads off to make sure his sacrifice wasn't in vain.

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