Is Spider-Man: Homecoming Introducing Marvel's Silk?

Spider-Man Homecoming Silk
(Photo: Marvel Comics)

Spider-Man: Homecoming is gaining more and more attention as it goes through production, helping fans get a clearer picture of how this new version of Spider-Man (and all the characters surrounding him) will be incorporated into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

We just got confirmation from a casting sheet that The Shocker will be another villain in the film (alongside The Vulture and The Tinkerer), but that same call sheet had another name that could be more than just a simple supporting character; it could be another female Marvel superhero in the making.

The casting call sheet that leaked to Redditt listed actress Tiffany Espensen (Bucket & Skinner's Epic Adventure) as "Cindy" in the film, but Marvel Comics fans saw that and immediately attached an association to Cindy Moon, better known by her superhero name, "Silk."

In Spider-Man lore, Cindy Moon is a girl bitten by the same radioactive spider that gives Peter Parker his Spider-Man abilities. Cindy was not able to control her abilities like Peter was, and was recruited by a man named Ezekiel (who also had spider powers) in order to train in the use of her powers while being hidden away from the world. After being discovered by Spidey, she has since returned to NYC as a superhero, looking to pick up the pieces of her life lost while in isolation. She has similar powers to Spider-Man, only with stronger "Spider-sense," organic finger tip web shooters, and a photographic memory.

Spider-Man Homecoming Cindy Moon
(Photo: Marvel Comics)

Given Marvel's current initiative to diversify its cinematic universe, planting a seed like Cindy Moon is a great way to prepare for an eventual debut of Silk. While not confirmed, actress Tiffany Espensen certainly looks enough like the superheroine, and has the resume of a child actress just waiting for a big breakout - making her the ideal sort of candidate for a long-term MCU superhero role.


So, while not yet confirmed, there are certainly strong hints that Silk is coming to the MCU. Is the character a fav of yours? Or is she still too new (debuted in 2014) for you to decide if she deserves a place in the MCU?

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