New Spider-Man: No Way Home Photos Hint at Possible Connection Between Doctor Octopus and Iron Man

Spider-Man: No Way Home fans think they've found a connection between Doctor Octopus and Iron Man. Some new images from the film surfaced in the pages of Empire Magazine. In these stills, people have gotten a better look at Alfred Molina's character, but his tentacles are looking a little bit different. There seems to be a red and yellow bit of flavor to his extra appendages. In the Sam Raimi trilogy, Doc Ock's arms were standard steel silver. However, these look like they could be Tony Stark technology, which would raise some eyebrows. Could Doctor Strange's spell be twisting reality to the point that the iconic villain's traits have been changed? If that's true, could it mean the other villains present to tangle with Peter Parker will be getting some tweaks as well? For now, it's all conjecture. Fans on the Internet will zero in on small details like this and it just sets the speculation machine into overdrive. However, there are a certain subset of fans that believe that Iron Man has had too much influence on Spider-Man.

If that weren't enough, cries of "Iron Man Jr." crept up again when Benedict Cumberbatch mentioned that Doctor Strange would be addressing that mentor role in a conversation with Empire.

"There's a shade of the [Tony] Stark relationship... It's not as intimate to begin with," Cumberbatch began. "Because of how experienced a superhero he is, it's a strange dynamic, and it kind of shifts into something far more parental and corrective. And then it shifts again."

In another appearance on the Variety Awards Circuit podcast, the Doctor Strange actor accurately predicted that this film would spark some intense debates. The funniest part might be that the movie isn't even out yet.

"Yeah, [Spider-Man: No Way Home] will be a lot, a lot of fun. There will be a lot of debate about it, I'm sure, but it's a daring, brilliant concept," Cumberbatch explained. "It has got great ambition [...] I haven't seen it, but by all accounts I think it's achieved it. And I mean, even on paper, the audacity of it, like, 'How the hell is that gonna work?' Also, so excited about the overall opportunity of them exploring those ideas. So yeah, I'll be really interested to see how it comes out. But I'm pretty certain it'll be a hit."

Do you think this No Way Home picture is just more proof that Iron Man has too much influence on MCU Spider-Man? Let us know down in the comments!