Spider-Man: No Way Home New Photo Released

Spider-Man: No Way Home just release some new photos from the film. In the first image from Empire Magazine Peter Parker is looking a little worse for wear. The floor of where he's standing could be any number of places but fans are speculating it could be the Sanctum Sanctorum. (Even more adventurous observers are wondering if it could be the inside of that box curiously featured in the No Way Home trailer.) Still, Spider-Man has been in a fight and he's not wearing his mask. The look on Tom Holland's face is one of pure contempt, so something has really made him mad during this scene. All this speculation has been keeping the conversation around this movie humming along since the first rumors about No Way Home began to surface after Spider-Man: Far From Home. Even still, there is no poster for the project yet and fans are hungry for another trailer to help connect even more of the dots for Spidey's latest adventure. Check out what the image looks like for yourself down below:

Holland could barely believe it when Marvel pitched this idea to him. That makes a ton of sense as the thought of bringing back so many Spider-Man villains is daunting. However, this is the MCU we're talking about and anything is possible now. Multiverses are ripped asunder and the rules are out the window after Loki.

"When I was first pitched the idea, I was like, 'Wow, that would be awesome if we could pull it off'," says Spidey himself, Tom Holland, of the prospect of bringing in famous former foes. "'But there's just no way it's going to work. You're just not going to be able to get everyone to do what they need to do. It's just not going to happen.' But it did happen. And it's crazy."

Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige also talked about bringing all those classic villains back into the fold. But, Doctor Octopus is one time that stuck out to both Marvel and Sony from the early days of this partnership. Alfred Molina's return as the character was the lasting image from the first No Way Home trailer.

"I remember having discussions with Amy Pascal years ago," Feige recalled. "'Do we want to revisit villains we've seen before?' No, let's do Vulture, and Mysterio, and characters we haven't brought to the screen before. But I remember thinking, 'How would you even do Doc Ock again?', because Alfred Molina is perfect casting. If you ever brought him back, it would have to be him somehow."

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