Marvel Announces 'Spider-Man Noir: The Complete Collection'

Marvel Comics today announced a brand-new reprint of Spider-Man Noir, which will serve as a [...]

Marvel Comics today announced a brand-new reprint of Spider-Man Noir, which will serve as a "complete" collection of the character's solo series.

Announced as part of the company's ComicsPRO appearance, the edition is expected to collect the four issues of the Spider-Man Noir solo series, as well as its sequel, Spider-Man Noir: Eyes Without a Face. You can check out some official art for the collection below:

spider man noir the complete collection
(Photo: Marvel Comics)

Spider-Man Noir was created in 2009 as part of the larger Marvel Noir universe. This take on Peter Parker was a reporter's apprentice during the Great Depression, only to be bitten by an illegally imported spider. As with most iterations of Spider-Man, the bite gave Peter superhuman abilities, which he used to fight against crime in New York City.

By and large, the collected editions of Spider-Man Noir have been few and far between in recent years, with some copies going for as high as $120 online. But thanks to the character's recent resurgence, both as a playable suit in Spider-Man PS4 and as a character in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, it looks like fans will have a chance to experience his story in a new way.

The Spider-Verse portrayal of Spider-Man Noir was brought to life by Nicolas Cage, who apparently brought a lot of excitement to the role behind the scenes.

"We showed him some artwork we had created for the film and pitched the character to him and he was immediately in. Noir was a character that spoke to him. And the black and white costume was the icing," co-director Bob Persichetti said in the film's art book. "He was our first official lead cast because it felt so right. So we actually cast him over two years ago, but he couldn't tell anyone."

"He never took [his sunglasses] off, and never broke character. There was a palpable Humphrey Bogart energy that he brought into the room. It was really fun," Persichetti continued. "We worked through his lines in three hours. He delivered awesome pulp magazine style line reads, and also comedy pulp style readings. He's so good at it! Then we were done, he said his goodbyes, walked out of the room and that was it! No small talk, it was all business. He was just amazing."

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Spider-Man Noir: The Complete Collection will hit shelves in May of this year.