Spider-Man Star Tom Holland Says Marvel Has Created a Family, Feels Like Home for Him

The second Spider-Man star Tom Holland stepped in to film his first screen test, he felt like he was at home with Marvel. In an appearance at FanX Salt Lake Comic Con Saturday, Holland talked about the moment he knew he felt at home with the Disney-owned studio, saying it was the second he began filming his screen test with Iron Man star Robert Downey Jr.

"My first screen test was with Downey, we did a scene that's in the film — the scene where I first meet him," Holland remembers. "I just remember doing my auditions and I got to know the crew real well because we were there for a couple of days and you know, I like to introduce myself to everyone so that I get to know everyone. By the time I came back to actually start filming, I felt like I was already part of the family, which Marvel has done really well."

That's when Holland started getting sentimental, pointing out that he felt like he was part of one big massive family at Marvel Studios. "It really is a family; when it was D23 for Infinity War and all of us were on stage and we all sat down to watch the trailer, I'm the only one who's admitted they cried, but there was so many people crying," the actor said. "It's this amazing moment where we all came together and formed this strange family and making these crazy movies and going through it together."

As it stands right now, it would appear Holland's time in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is over as Sony Pictures CEO Tony Vinciquerra said the "door is closed" on the character remaining in Hollywood's biggest franchise. Shortly after Jon Watts' Spider-Man: Far From Home crossed the $1 billion threshold at the worldwide box office, news surfaced suggesting the sharing rights between Sony and Marvel Studios wouldn't be renewed, effectively ending the deal allowing the fan-favorite web slinger to appear alongside any characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

It has yet to be revealed what the next steps are, though Holland himself has admitted he has no intention of giving up the role just quite yet.


Spider-Man: Far From Home continues its theatrical re-release in 1,433 theaters this weekend while Venom 2 will likely land in Sony's October 2, 2020 date. The only other movie in Sony's Universe of Marvel Characters currently in production is Morbius, a film set for release July 31, 2020.

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