Spider-Man Star Tom Holland's Face Recreated in Minecraft

Minecraft has been around for years, but that doesn't mean that fans of the sprawling creation game can't find new ways to amaze the community. Now, Tom Holland's version of Spider-Man is making his way into the world of Minecraft thanks to one talented player. Reddit user FyreArsenal recently shared a video, which showcases a photo-like recreation of Holland's face made with Minecraft blocks. Recreating such a huge image out of singular blocks is a large time investment and requires extreme attention to detail. Just one block out of place can spell disaster and make the creator have to delete possible hours of work.

Getting the colors, placement, and scale just right is a labor of love that not all fans would commit to. A virtual structure like this has to be carefully planned from the initial image selection all the way to ensuring the right materials make up the individual pixels. Once all those details are locked in, then the long process of building a massive image, like the one of Holland's face, can begin. A comment under the video explains, FyreArsenal spent three hours on the project because recreating celebrities faces in the game sounded like a fun thing to do.

Spent 3 hours making Tom Holland’s face in Minecraft from r/marvelstudios

FyreArsenal continued, "The reason why I chose Tom was because I keep seeing his fangirls with their Tom Holland fan accounts all over Instagram, so I thought building this would make me gain recognition or something. Not many people saw it on Instagram, so I just posted it here on Reddit instead."

Other users are sure glad that they chose to post as the video took off on Reddit and went viral. People are just impressed at the quality of the image and the overall time invested when compared to similar videos that don't break down the process of designing such an elaborate structure.

Some other Redditors with great ears picked up on Michael Giacchino's version of the Spider-Man theme making an appearance in the video. A welcome treat for fans with an appreciation for small details.

One clever commenter replied that "EDITH - Even Digitized, It's Tom Holland." The resemblance is pretty striking and at this scale, it would be easy to see the image become distorted due to stretching it to such lengths. Even after 10 years, Minecraft is still providing fans with the chance to appreciate these sorts of moments online.

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