Woman Rescued By Spider-Man Star Tom Holland From Being Crushed By Autograph Mob Tells Her Story

Spider-Man: Far From Home star Tom Holland proved he's a hero on screen and in real life earlier this week when he came to the rescue of a fan being overwhelmed and crushed into a barricade by other fans during an autograph opportunity. Now, the young woman involved in the incident is sharing her story of Holland's heroics.

Earlier this week, Cassidy Ariel took to Twitter to share her experience at a recent autograph opportunity. In a series of tweets, Ariel explained that Holland had "threatened grown ass men then threw their posters because I was crushed against the barricade". She followed it up with video of the incident as well as noted that Holland had helped her calm down as she ended up having an anxiety attack because of the incident. Now, in an interview with Access, Ariel opened up a bit more about the experience.

In the interview, Ariel explained that she and other fans had been waiting for around two hours for Holland to come out and that, when he did, fans behind her shoved forward causing her to be in distress. She also explained that the people causing the problem were grown men and they also had their posters in her face. That's when Holland got involved to help her.

"And Tom ran over, tried to help, asked everyone to move around and move the posters away from my face and everything," Ariel said. "He really helped."

Unfortunately, Ariel wasn't the only fan who was trampled in the incident despite Holland's best efforts. A fan named Christina (@CBones705) shared on Twitter that some of the items that were on the ground actually belonged to her as she had also been trampled by men trying to get autographs presumably to sell on eBay. Others on Twitter also shared video of the incident showing just how intense the situation was, with Holland doing his best to try to get the shoving to simply stop.

And Ariel herself has a message for the men who were shoving her in their attempts to get autographs: learn how to behave.

"Just learn how to behave," Ariel said. "Honestly, if they had just been respectful, they would have gotten what they wanted and that was it."


Spider-Man: Far From Home opens in theaters July 2.

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