Wisconsin Police Shares Report of Life-Sized Spider-Man Statue Being Vandalized

Spider-Man being taken out of the Marvel Cinematic Universe due to negotiations between Sony and Disney going south is pretty bad. But, having your Spider-Man statue vandalized in a random act against you is kind of terrible in its own special way. One fan of the Web-Slinger now knows those issues first hand after they came upon their statue on Sunday after the vandalism occurred.

Muskego Police Department in Wisconsin is now investigating what they're calling a "dismemberment" of the Spidey statue. The force decided to have a little bit of fun around the bizarre situation on Facebook in their calls for tips and information about the perpetrators. No one has come forward as of the time of reporting, but the post definitely got the world's attention.

It reads: "Unfortunately Peter Parker was hit by one of Coldheart’s cryonic swords that froze him in place. If that wasn’t bad enough, Sandman then pummeled the frozen Spiderman and cast his dismembered frozen body parts throughout the W17200 block of Haven Dr. In all seriousness, someone’s valued statue was destroyed this morning and the head was not left on scene, so our complainants are unable to repair him. If you or anyone you know has any information that would lead to the apprehension of our anti-Marvel fan, please contact Officer Patterson by calling (262) 679-4130 as this qualifies for criminal damage to property charges. May the Avengers have mercy on your soul."

WISN is reporting that the head of the statue was taken from the scene of the crime. Now, the owner can't get Spider-Man repaired because of the missing piece. (Humpty Dumpty rules apply here I suppose?) Muskego Police are saying that this is no laughing matter despite that humorous post on the Internet. Anyone found guilty could face serious criminal charges for destroying the 7-foot-tall statue.


Neighbors of the victims are also on record as saying they found the remains of the statue in a ditch. Now, imagine the strange site of driving by and seeing Spider-Man's legs sticking out of the ground. People in the community are wondering if the prank had anything to do with Super Hero Day at Muskego High School, but any possible connections are just speculation at this point.

Maybe the kids are just taking the Spider-Man news too hard. Hopefully, something can be done to repair the statue. If people can't enjoy their favorite hero's adventures in the MCU going forward, might as well go visit a 7-foot-tall statue and wonder what could have been.