Venom Battles The Amazing Spider-Man in Fan Trailer Mashup

One Marvel fan is indulging the shattered hopes of those who expected the Amazing Spider-Man [...]

One Marvel fan is indulging the shattered hopes of those who expected the Amazing Spider-Man franchise to evolve into a full-fledged Spider-Man cinematic universe, by mashing up footage from the two Andrew Garfield Spider-Man movies with footage from the upcoming Venom movie.

As you can see in the video above, YouTube mashup guru Stryder HD not only successfully combines footage from Amazing Spider 1 & 2 and the Venom trailers - he also does so in a way that actually invokes the Venom origin story from the rebooted Spider-Man continuity that the Amazing Spider-Man films were largely adapted from!

When Brian Michael Bendis launched the Ultimate Spider-Man comics in the 2000s, he also re-introduced Venom with an entirely new origin story. In that telling, Eddie Brock was "Eddie Brock Jr.," a childhood friend of Peter Parker's. Their fathers were Oscorp research partners, who developed the symbiote suite as a method of curing cancer; a symbiote was genetically coded to a specific person, and if worn by anyone else, the symbiote would consume them unless they fed it a constant stream of sustenance, by consuming others. After bonding with Peter to create the powerful Venom entity, the suit was taken on by Eddie Brock, who embraced the Venom persona, and used it to defeat his symbiote nemesis, Carnage.

This mashup video builds of Amazing Spider-Man's Ultimate influences, by reframing the Venom movie's storyline about the Life Foundation's discovery of the alien symbiotes, with the Ultimate comics' storyline of Oscorp being responsible for the suit's terrible debut in the world. That makes Riz Ahmed's Crlton Drake an Oscorp employee, with Andrew Garfield's Peter Parker being set in the position of trying to stop his father's legacy from being perverted. Admittedly, the lack of connection between Spider-Man and Eddie Brock's Venom is possibly the weakest thing about the trailer's narrative, as instead of a cohesive "vs." storyline, we get a mashup of action clips and dialogue voiceover from the two ASM films, Spider-Man 3, Venom, and some horrific looking film at end (not sure what that is...).

Still, overall, it's a pretty solid mashup of concepts - and definitely one of the rare times that fans will enjoy seeing The Amazing Spider-Man get trotted out again. Typically, that franchise is buried deep in the closet, where it can be forgotten about as the weird half-stumble between Sam Raimi's classic Spider-Man trilogy, and the new Spider-Man films that Sony and Marvel Studios are shepherding togtether.

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The Spider-Man franchise continues with Venom October 5th; Marvel's Spider-Man: Far From Home will arrive on July 5, 2019. A Morbius movie will follow on a date TBD.