SPOILER Returns in Avengers

It's been a while since the Avengers have seen Johnny Blaze, after all he's been in Hell now for a minute. Robbie Reyes ran into the older Ghost Rider in the latest issue of Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes. Blaze has been reigning over Hell since trying to clean up the mess Hydra started in Secret Empire. Reyes will have to get the better of the new King of the Underworld if he's going to help his brother.

The new Ghost Rider was goaded into a race with Blaze after the new King of Hell threatened his brother. Reyes gets his engine going, and races Blaze across a lake of fire. Unfortunately for the younger man, he loses due to his inexperience. He is frustrated at losing a race, and the past Ghost Riders let him know that he will have to tap into undiscovered levels of his power.

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(Photo: Marvel Entertainment)

Johnny Blaze ascended to the throne of Hell after Doctor Strange ended up using Asgardian magic to resurrect Las Vegas. A lot of residents and visitors ended up caught in Hydra's attack during Secret Empire. The new Las Vegas is imperfect as Hell came with it, effectively instituting a Hell on Earth.

The Ghost Rider went on a special mission to Mephisto's tower, which ended with him in Hell after being defeated by the demon. Blaze was then able to claim an empty throne and assume rule over the underworld. He had been stuck there, but has helped Reyes in the past. Obviously, the two are not on good terms at the moment.

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(Photo: Marvel Entertainment)

Marvel announced a new Ghost Rider series that will see both Johnny Blaze and Danny Ketch back on the open road. The new series is written by Ed Brisson (X-Force) and drawn by Young Gun Aaron Kuder (Guardians of the Galaxy) and launches in October.

Marvel’s description of the new adventure follows down below: “The Brothers Ghost Rider are back! Johnny Blaze ain’t just the king of Hell—he’s the warden too. He’s the first line of defense between the demonic hordes trying to escape the joint and the lords of other hells making a play for his throne and all the power that comes with it – including a certain evil queen from his past! Meanwhile, Danny Ketch never wanted to be a Ghost Rider. Now that his brother’s in charge downstairs, Ketch must take on the duty of Earth’s Spirit of Vengeance full-time—no matter how much he’d rather be doing anything else... Superstar creative team ED BRISSON (EXTERMINATION) and AARON KUDER (GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY) redefine the Marvel Universe’s supernatural underbelly for a brutal new era! PLUS: the first installment of the Caretaker Chronicles! Forget everything you thought you knew!