Stan Lee's Cameo In Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 Confirmed

stan lee guardians of the galaxy

So, theoretically, there are surely some people who don't like Stan Lee. Given Marvel's far-out reaches, it's statistically impossible for every fan to love the legendary writer, but those people are largely few and far between. Case in point: James Gunn has just recently reaffirmed his own fanboy status for the famed writer. Taking to Facebook, the director uploaded a touching photo of himself with Stan Lee who's dressed in a Captain America jacket, taking time to confirm the icon will have a cameo in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.

Gunn's photo shows him speaking with Stan Lee who seems genuinely overjoyed to see the director. Seriously, it's kind of adorable. A short message from Gunn accompanies the photo as he writes, "Ran into Stan Lee backstage after the Comic-Con signing. I can't tell you how much I love this man. He was my idol when I was ten, and still is today."

However, it's in the post's comments that Gunn confirms the writer's upcoming cameo as he answers his fans' many questions. After a fan said they hoped Stan's cameo in GotG Vol. 2 would be great, Gunn simply replied with a 'thumbs up' emoji because he's savvy like that.

And, as the director is known for his active online presence, Gunn went on answer a few more questions, one of which hilariously recounts the first time Gunn met Stan Lee. He wrote, "I first met him 18 or so years ago and I felt inside like a crying girl meeting the Beatles backstage at the Ed Sullivan show."


Of course, many fans are aware that this year marks the last in which Stan Lee will be publicly appearing at conventions like Comic-Con. Even though the 93-year-old legend seems to be feeling younger than ever, really, it's about time the man took a well-deserved break. But, on behalf of his loyal legion of fans, I will say this: I'm beyond hear Stan Lee will be returning for his infamous on-screen cameos. Hands down, they're something all fans look forward to seeing in MCU films.