Steve Rogers Pilots Iron Man Mark I Armor in Marvel's What If Preview

One of the most original projects coming to Disney+ is Marvel's What If..?, a show that will come up with original takes on some of Marvel's most recognizable characters. The What If comics have been doing this for some time, but now the premise is getting the animated treatment on Disney+, and so far the footage looks fantastic. Thanks to the new Marvel Expanding the Universe special on Disney+, we also had the chance to see some concept art from several of Marvel's upcoming original shows, including What If, and several pieces of art showed Steve Rogers looking a bit different as he guided his very own Iron Man suit.

The first piece of concept art shows someone in a version of the Mark I armor flying high in the sky amidst an army of fighter planes. Again, this is a gorgeous piece of artwork, but we aren't sure who is actually underneath the helmet until the second piece of art, which features an unmasked and skinny Steve Rogers in his bomber jacket.

We then get a closeup of Rogers' armor, which is mostly a military green with a white star on the left side and a blue glow coming from the chest plate and the helmet's eyes.

(Photo: ComicBook)

What If stories often take established stories and put a unique spin on them, changing one specific detail to throw everything else into chaos. We're not sure what that wrinkle is here, but perhaps it's that Rogers ends up undergoing the super-soldier program like he previously did, but this time it isn't a serum but an armor instead.

(Photo: ComicBook)

You can check out the new images in the artwork above and below.

(Photo: ComicBook)

There's still a bit of a wait for Marvel's What If...?, but we are definitely excited to find out more about it, as the show will include Marvel zombies, Captain Carter, and more. The comics also featured everyone from The X-Men and Spider-Man to Thanos and Galactus, and there are quite a few options for Disney to pursue if it so chooses.


Marvel's What If...? hits Disney+ in 2020, and you can find more Marvel, Disney, and Star Wars content on Disney+ now.

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