Jamie Bell Supports His Rocketman Co-Star Taron Egerton Becoming Wolverine

Now that Marvel Studios owns the rights to the X-Men and Fantastic Four characters, thanks to Disney's purchase of 21st Century Fox, it will only be a matter of time before the biggest characters from these two franchises are rebooted into the record-breaking Marvel Cinematic Universe. Fans have already started campaigning for their dream casting ideas when it comes to these pending reboots, and it seems no idea has gained more traction than that of Kingsman and Rocketman star Taron Egerton taking on the role of Wolverine.

Hugh Jackman is the only actor to ever play Wolverine in a live-action film and his take on the character is one of the most iconic comic book roles in history. There are massive shoes to fill when finding Jackman's replacement. That said, fans believe that Egerton would bring more than enough to the table in order to make the transition work, and it says a lot about his talents that his colleagues feel the same way.

This week, Variety caught up with actor Jamie Bell, who starred in Rocketman alongside Egerton as Elton John's longtime songwriter and friend Bernie Taupin. Since the two have spent a lot of time working together, Variety asked Bell what he thought of the online campaign to have Egerton don Wolverine's claws in the MCU.

"Why not? I mean, he can play Elton John, why not? It's a natural next step, isn't it," Bell joked. "I'm sure he would love to, Taron's great. Here's the thing, working with Aaron, Im not entirely sure what he can't do. So I'm sure he could probably do that. Another string to his bow, as it were."

While he didn't exactly give any indication as to whether Egerton wants the role, Bell made it clear that his friend and co-star is more than talented enough to get the job done. The only downside to the whole situation seems to be the timing of it all. Egerton is now becoming a globally known star. It would be the perfect time for him to jump into a role like Wolverine and hold it down for years to come, just as Jackman did. But it doesn't look like the X-Men are part of Marvel's immediate plans for the future, and there's no telling how long we'll have to wait to see them on screen again.

That said, if there's an opportunity to get Egerton in the role, it seems like a match made in heaven.


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