'The Gifted' Panel Recap

The Gifted Panel kicks off with the screening of the new trailer.

Season 2 Trailer:

Lights darken, Polaris shown, lights go out in the city, "You know her powers, you know what they feel like. She's out there" Polaris can be seen having birth pains, power goes out in the city. Soldiers moving in and capture a mutant. Reva Paige. "She's one of the most powerful mutants still standing after 7/15." She now has Polaris. We don't have that kind of power. "Your friends are never coming back. She'll kill them first. And if they stay with her you'll have to kill them too." "Some mutants still believe in the old dream of the X-Men." A man with an eyepatch tells the team "Welcome to the real underground," Thunderbird chained to bed. "We have to fight for our freedom. I can't just give up. "They'll have to deal with us." Shows Blink opening a portal, then Marcos uses his blasts. Two people reach for each other, Thunderbird fighting in an arena. Polaris is having a baby and screaming. Dawn of the Mutant Age. Explosion through wall. Marcos powers up. FOX. Logo.

Jeph Loeb, Matt Nix, Natalie Alyn Lind, Sean Teale, Skyler Samuels, Blair Redford, Shawn Hill, Emma Dumont, Jamie Chung, Steven Moyer.

The sort of best Marvel stories are where you take a situation from the real world and you put it through the Marvel prism. If you also happen to get and go hmmm, that makes me think of another situation that's going on right now. If I could boil it down to one word that describes the X-men it is tolerance," Loeb said.

The season starts several months down the road, and in a new location.

We get to know more about the Hellfire Club. We get to know a little bit more about the sisters. Lots of tension between them, me myself and I are at odds throughout the show," Samuels said.

On a really lighter note he's really hot and heavy with Blink after 6 months," Redford said.

Pregnant," Dumont" She's very pregnant, 9 months pregnant. She's struggling with missing Marcos. They created a mutant together, created a person. That's terrifying and hard, and she's really scared about the labor. As you saw in the trailer, labor is different, and because she controls metal she doesn't want to die.

Cupcaking and also…cupcaking, ya know, coating up with your partner," Chung said about her character in the last 6 months. Her love life is the only stable thing in her life. They're still doing their missions. There are still mutants in need of help. She's found her place, with the Morlocks, and she's found her group that she's fascinated by.

The question that's always in John's mind is 'Am I going to get in a pane and tear it up and die'. No planes," Nix said.

We have the Morlocks, we have the Purifiers, we have the Hellfire Club, and we have us," Lind said.

He's a very volatile person, but he's a very compassionate person. He has the power within him to find the darkness in light and the light in the darkness. I think what happened last year is the fact ate we've seen him be so erratic, in the hope of his noble quest or to save other people but he goes behind John's back to do it. I think there's an opportunity for him to the other way. First, he has to step up to be the leader now that Polaris is gone, and I think him and John do that actually. The loser the pregnancy comes the more dedicated he becomes, and he can be very erratic," Teale said.

Given what she does know about what her father might have been, how will that affect her now that she's a parent?

Look, she's magneto in every way, and that's terrible in every way and she hates it. She hates her father and resents him for making sacrifices to save a group of people. But now that she's been a parent she understands that you have to make sacrifices when given this gift. So to her, it's becoming clear that maybe he wasn't such a bad guy and they are a lot alike," Dumont said.

When asked about the condition he's been hiding from the team, Moyer says "Being that it's six months down the line. He has been hiding this thing. Matt and I talked at length about how this would manifest and how we would show this thing, and how it would come to be, but he has decided…you see it quite soon"

"The baby won't have powers until they hit puberty," Dumont said. "I'm going to go with metal bending." Someone on the panel recommended smelting.


"Someone asks if we could see past X-men mutants in the show. Certainly, we're ringing some mutants from the past, read your comics. not so much the big movie mutants, but we do have some really exciting characters coming from the comics. The deeper you read in the comics the more you're going to enjoy who we're bringing in,"Nix said.

They do plan on elbaroging on the drug Kick in season 2, which they introduced in season 1.