'The Gifted' Fall Finale Has a Wolverine Easter Egg

While The Gifted has made several references to the X-Men in the past, tonight’s fall finale marked the first time that the series has made a specific reference to that most popular mutant, Wolverine

Spoilers for The Gifted Season One, Episode 10, “eXploited” follow.

At the end of last week’s episode of The Gifted, “outfoX,” four members of the Mutant Underground were captured by Sentinel Services. After failing to crack the mutants in interrogation, Agent Jace Turner calls Dr. Roderick Campbell and offers to send Dreamer and Blink to him for his Hound program.

Campbell, however, has a particular fixation on the Strucker children because their powers are identical to those of their great-grandfather and his sister, Andreas and Andrea von Strucker, the twin mutant terrorists known as Fenris. Campbell insists that the Struckers be included in the deal and, though Turner is reluctant to hand the minors over, he eventually agrees to send all four mutants to the Trask laboratories.

Campbell has clearly studied the immense destructive power the Strucker’s possess and he has prepared. Within the Trask facility is a special room built with walls made of adamantium. Campbell gloats about how he obtained the rare mineral from an abandoned government facility in British Colombia, Canada. Knowing the room is indestructible, Campbell feels free to encourage the children to use their powers to their fullest extents.

X-Men fans will know that adamantium is the metal that covers Wolverine’s skeleton, making his bones and claws indestructible. Fans of Wolverine, in particular, will likely remember that his bones were coated with the metal by a shady government organization called Weapon X, the same organization responsible for the modifications made to Deadpool and Sabretooth. The abandoned government facility that Campbell found the store of adamantium in seems to be a reference to Weapon X and their role in Wolverine’s history.


Campbell adamantium room stood up to the Strucker test and Campbell obtained the information he required from the young mutants. Fans will have to wait until The Gifted returns from winter break to see what that means for the Mutant Underground.

The Gifted returns to Fox on January 1, 2018.