'Thor: Ragnarok' Concept Artist Shares Early Gladiator Thor Design

Thor: Ragnarok was the Marvel Studios movie that, arguably, brought the spirit of Jack Kirby into live-action more than any other. An early design for Thor's gladiator armor would have gone a step further.

Marvel Studios artist Aleksi Briclot shared a look at the early design, featuring a couple of different potential helms for the god of thunder. Take a look below.

"Some early exploration for Thor as a gladiator in the arena in Thor Ragnarok," Briclot wrote on Instagram. "I've already posted some of this here, it's mainly helmet iterations. The Jack Kirby was a request from the director Taika Waititi who did a tremendous job on this movie."

Briclot did reveal this version of Thor's armor previously, with yet another version of the helmet.

"An early concept for Thor in Thor: Ragnarok. Played by the mighty Chris Hemsworth," Briclot wrote on Instagram at the time. "It was right in the beginning, first round on this character and I was looking for something referring to Jack Kirby. It was a Taika Waititi request and inspiration. At this step, I was only keeping the six disks on his torso."

Previously release Thor: Ragnarok concept art showed Thor as the King of what remains of Asgard. There was also a more colorful look for Thor's brother, Loki, an early design for Valkyrie, and early concept art of the demon Surtur, as well as a look at how Korg was created.

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