'Thor: Ragnarok': Kevin Feige On If Thor's [SPOILER] Is Permanent

Thor: Ragnarok brought some major changes for Marvel’s god of thunder and the Asgardian people, [...]

Thor: Ragnarok brought some major changes for Marvel's god of thunder and the Asgardian people, but are all of those changes permanent?

Thor: Ragnarok spoilers follow.

In the climax of Thor: Ragnarok, as Thor (Chris Hemsworth) battles his sister, the goddess of death, Hela (Cate Blanchett), Hela slashed her sword at Thor's face and cut out his eye, leaving him with a stronger family resemblance to their father, Odin, than ever before.

Considering how big of a star Chris Hemsworth is, and how recognizable his face is, some fans assume that this must be a temporary change to Thor's appearance. After all, when Thor appeared in the Avengers: Infinity War footage at Comic-Con, he did not have an eyepatch.

"Some of the commercials for this film have him not missing an eye," Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige points out to Collider in an interview, referencing some of the footage that they took from after Thor loses his eye in the film and altered to hide the spoiler in TV spots and trailers. "So you don't know what's going on. Like we didn't want to spoil that in any of the footage we shot. No, we didn't think about that. We thought about what's fun for the character. What's cool for the character. Not 'Are we sullying our good-looking actor?' He looks good in any way. In any way, shape, and form.

The implication is that the Avengers: Infinity War footage shown at Comic-Con was similarly altered. So does that mean then that Thor's lost eye is a permanent scar?

"I didn't say that," Feige says. "I think Thor will...either way, it could happen."

It has already been confirmed that Thor's lost eye will carry over into Avengers: Infinity War. What comes next, at this point, is anybody's guess.

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