Todd McFarlane Teases Other Marvel Artists for Future McFarlane Toys Sculptures (Exclusive)

Expect classic and modern artists for McFarlane Toys new Marvel figures.

Days ago, ComicBook revealed that Todd McFarlane and his McFarlane Toys brand are FINALLY getting to play in one of the most elusive action figure sandboxes, Marvel Comics. McFarlane and Marvel will be collaborating on 1:10 and 1:6 scale posed, non-articulated figures that recreate iconic artwork from Marvel Comics, beginning of course with McFarlane's classic artwork from The Amazing Spider-Man #301 and The Amazing Spider-Man #323. What other iconic Marvel artists could get a figure in the future? ComicBook asked Todd this in an exclusive interview, and he revealed the potential is VERY open.

"I sort of got a soft spot for some of the guys I grew up with. So I'm gonna do a tip of the hat in the first series to Jim Lee and Rob Liefeld because I thought that during that whole era where we came along we sort of each made our mark in different ways that were there. Eventually I'd like to tip my hat to some of the people that inspired me a ton, George Perez and John Byrne. But I also know that there's a whole generation that have come in who those aren't the guys they grew up with, right? It's more of people that they're looking at right now. And whether it's the interior artist and, or the cover artist, I'll be sort of looking at what they're asking for and giving them that.'

"So we'll see, you know, I do one that is like a Peach Momoko cover or something like that. Like, yeah. Sure. Why not? It'd be cool. It'd be cool. So I think we need to, I need to span all of it. Right. All the way from, literally from Stan and Jack in the beginning of the Fantastic War. All the way to today with a nice balance and then just sit back and just see, is this line that I'm doing, uh, uh, more
of a retro play? Is it more of a classic or is it just people just wanna see McFarlane finally doing some, Marvel figures? Uh, I'm hoping it's a little bit of all the above so I can play with, some of the newer characters that have come out of post-2000."

(Photo: McFarlane Toys/Marvel)

Todd McFarlane's artwork won't be the only one rendered in 3D as the first wave of McFarlane-Marvel figures will also include figures inspired by the work of Jim Lee, Steve Ditto, John Romita Sr., and Rob Liefeld. Characters featured in the first wave include Spider-Man, Captain America, Wolverine, Iron Man, and Deadpool. These figures feature a comic reprint and are mounted on environmental bases with a diorama backdrop, inviting fans to step into the pages of some of their favorite Marvel adventures.

McFarlane revealed that a major sell in this line of course is him being able to render his own artwork into 3D, so fans can likely expect a piece based on his artwork with every wave, and almost certainly a different Spider-Man in every wave too.

"When I talk to my group about Spider-Man, I go, I guys stop just looking at covers right. There are a lot of interior pages that have some really cool funky poses and the question is over time, can I basically pick 10, 12, 15 different poses over time that are completely different from each other? One is crunched, one is upside down, one is flying, one of the legs are kicking up one sideways, whatever. If I go through my own book there's plenty to pick from that will be different than the last one you pick....I did one where Spider-Man was waiting for something to happen. So he just hanging upside down. He's got a doughnut on every finger and he's trying to figure out which doughnut he wants. That would be kind of fun sitting on the shelf too to look at instead of just, you know, constant sort of action hero stuff."


Spider-Man (1990) #13 – Spider-Man picks some doughnuts. 

- Marvel Comics)