Venom 2: Sony Responds to Spider-Man Cameo Rumors With "No Comment"

Sony's Venom 2 is coming with the promise of giving fans the epic showdown between Eddie Brock's Venom (Tom Hardy), and serial killer-turned-symbiote, Cletus Kasady (Woody Harrelson). However, during that brief (but terrifying) period in 2019 when Tom Holland's Spider-Man was dropped from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it seemed as though Peter Parker would instead pop-up in Venom 2. Even though Marvel and Sony worked out a deal, there have been continued signals that Tom Holland's Spider-Man is still going to be in Venom 2 (in some capacity). While no one has confirmed that, it seems that Sony is also not denying it.

After rumors began to circulate recently that Tom Holland is "in talks" to appear in Venom 2, website Discussing Film reached out to Sony about the matter. What they got back was a "no comment" response from the studio - which is not quite the nothing-burger some may think it is:

"Just a tiny update regarding the Tom Holland/Spider - Venom 2 news. Before the holidays, asked Sony reps on if they had a comment on the story, just got a response today which was they have no comment for now... Make of this as you will but in my experience, it typically means the story as it stands is likely true." --@CinematicBanter

While this may seem like a lot of reading into nothing, there is sound logic behind what is being said above. Traditional movie studio practice is to knock down Internet rumors that are completely unfounded and how no hope of being true, while more sensitive or fluid matters get the "no comment" treatment. That's not to say Sony is keeping a secret about Holland's cameo; it just means that rumors of talks about Spider-Man appearing in Venom 2 now have more validity.

Marvel's Kevin Feige has already made it clear that Holland's Spider-Man is open to appear in both the MCU and Sony's Universe of Marvel Characters, at the same time. Many assumed Feige was setting the stage for Holland to pop-up in Spider-Man 3, whatever crossover film is left on his contract, and Venom 2 - and so far, nothing that's happening is shooting down that idea.


Venom 2 hits theaters on October 2, 2020.