Walmart Kicks Off Dedicated Geek Collectibles Section With Exclusive Thanos Funko POPs

Walmart is upping its game in the geek and pop culture collectibles department, and that's great [...]

Walmart is upping its game in the geek and pop culture collectibles department, and that's great news for fans of Funko, Loot Crate, and more.

The big box retailer just announced that it will be creating a new dedicated collectibles section in more than 3,500 of its stores, and the new initiative kicks off the week of October 15th. This space will feature new and exclusive products from Funko, McFarlane Toys, and CultureFly, but it will also be the exclusive brick and mortar home of Loot Crate.

"Pop culture fans are passionate about their fandoms and look for ways to incorporate it into all aspects of their life," said Brent Duwe, senior buying manager, Walmart U.S. "We're introducing a new assortment to serve fans in a way we haven't before. Our new collectibles section will be a destination for our customers to find exclusive merchandise at the best prices for all fandoms, with more to come!"

(Photo: Walmart)

Loot Crates can now be purchased in Walmart stores, and the line is kicking off with six themed boxes, including Best of the 80s, Space Out, Merc with a Mouth, Not of this World, Gaming Treasures, and Gaming Legends at launch for $19.88.

"We're excited to curate fandom experiences with our partners at Walmart," said Chris Davis,
CEO of Loot Crate. "Loot Crate creatively collaborates with top licenses to deliver collectibles that are unique, and something that super-fans could only find at fan conventions, but now they can fill out their collections at Walmart stores nationwide."

Fans of Funko will also have a brand new exclusive to hunt for, as in October Walmart will have an exclusive chrome Thanos that will come in six different colors, representing the powerful Infinity Stones.

"We're thrilled that Funko products will be joining the brand new collectibles section at Walmart stores across the country," said Brian Mariotti, Funko Chief Executive Officer. "Collectibles is a brilliant addition to the merchandise display as is evident by the millions of people that shop pop culture favorites. We are eager to showcase Funko's vast assortment of Pop! products in this new area and continue bringing joy to Walmart customers."

Fans at New York Comic-Con might be able to pick up one early, but you'll have to follow Funko's social media for more details.

The new section will also feature McFarlane Toys. Walmart already carries the NBA 2K19 figures exclusively, but they will also be getting three exclusive figures from EA Sports' Madden NFL 19. The Ultimate Team line will feature Tom Brady, Dak Prescott, and Jason Witten, but there will also be a Stranger Things figure featuring Upside Down Will, which will hit in mid-October.

You'll also be able to find new exclusive collector's boxes from CultureFly, which will include items from Harry Potter, Fallout, Rick & Morty, and PlayStation, and will retail for $19.88.

"Working with Walmart to bring new CultureFly boxes to their new collectibles section has been exciting," said Edward Erani, CultureFly, Co-Founder. "I am confident that consumers will fall in love with the assortment and feel like they are walking a mini comic-con at their local Walmart."

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