WandaVision Sets Up Monica Rambeau's Tension With Carol Danvers in Captain Marvel 2

Monica Rambeau's tension with Carol Danvers will be getting some closer examination during Captain [...]

Monica Rambeau's tension with Carol Danvers will be getting some closer examination during Captain Marvel 2. WandaVision hinted at that development but was content with sowing the seeds. Co-executive producer Mary Livanos also weighed in on some of the original plans for the Disney+ series with TVLine. It turns out the creative team knew they wanted to allude to that tense relationship, but didn't want to have it become too big of a focus. The co-producer knows that the sequel will be fertile ground to explore how Captain Marvel's absence impacted their relationship.

Livanos said, "We do hint at the notion that there's a little bit of tension there for her and Captain Marvel in the future, but we're excited to explore that at another time."

Teyonah Parris is the actress who bought adult Monica Rambeau to life. She previously told Variety that she had to watch a lot of Captain Marvel to get a feel for Akira Akbar's performance of the character as a little kid.

"When I started to do my character work, I definitely went to the comic books on my own and I still am mining through who she was in the comics," Parris explained. "And I also looked to Akira Akbar's performance in Captain Marvel, and what she brought in. Obviously, as a child, when you grow, you change — you can be totally different than you were as a child. But I do think that there are elements of who we are as young people that remain with us. And not only that, but the relationships we have with those who are in our lives. So, the relationship she had with her mom, Maria Rambeau [or] Carol Danvers / Captain Marvel — how do those relationships influence her?"

She added, "And then on a more practical level, [producer] Mary Livanos, who is amazing — she has been an incredible wealth of knowledge. And she's the keeper of all things comics, all things Monica, all things everything. So, I would always just go pick her brain. And then you have Jac (Schaeffer, head writer on WandaVision), who — if anytime I felt like, 'I'm not quite understanding this' or 'It's not really working in this way, how can we adjust?' — she was always right there. And the same with Matt.

"Matt is the most patient human being I have ever met; it is unreal. And he's so kind. When I tell you that all the things that could happen on a set and go wrong, he remains so chill and so under control, and it was very amazing to watch. But he's also a wealth of knowledge, as he comes from the sitcom world himself as a child actor," Parris continued. "I am in very great hands. And it's been quite a collaborative and fun process."

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