Wandavision Hydrasoak Commercial Released, Agents Of SHIELD Reference Explained

Marvel Studios has officially released the Hydra Soak commercial which aired as a part of the [...]

Marvel Studios has officially released the Hydra Soak commercial which aired as a part of the third episode of WandaVision. Each episode of WandaVision has featured a commercial about half way through the episodes. The first commercial was for a Stark Industries toaster, the second commercial was for a Strucker watch, and the third is for a bar of soap called Hydra Soak. Each of the commercials have featured the same actors, prompting speculation in regards to their importance as it pertains to Wanda Maximoff. In this case, the commercial also has ties to the Marvel TV series Agents of SHIELD.

ComicBook.com's Phase Zero podcast discussed the Agents of SHIELD tie in WandaVision's HYDRA Soak commercial in Friday's episode ."The Hydra Soak soap, during the greatest arc of Agents of SHIELD...Coulson, he doesn't know he's Coulson, he's a teacher, he suspects that HYDRA is brainwashing people with their soap so he makes his own soap in this alternate world," Phase Zero co-host Jamie Jirak explained. "So, the idea that they had a whole HYDRA soap is hard not to assume that that was a reference to Agents of SHIELD. It could've been a coincidence but I choose to believe that was a direct call to Agents of SHIELD."

Check out the full commercial for HYDRA Soak as it was seen on WandaVision in the tweet from Marvel Studios below!

Do you think this was an intentional call out to Agents of SHIELD and Phil Coulson's experiences with HYDRA's soap? HYDRA seems to be playing a significant role in the series in one way or another. After all, HYDRA is responsible for unlocking Wanda's powers back when Wolfgang von Strucker was experimenting on her with the Mind Stone in Loki's scepter as seen in the post-credits scene of Captain America: The Winter Soldier and early moments of Avengers: Age of Ultron. As for whether or not the series will finally see Marvel Studios embrace Agents of SHIELD remains to be seen.

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