Marvel Reveals Return of Werewolf by Night

A Werewolf by Night special is currently in development by Marvel Studios, and it's expected to hit Disney+ later this year as a Halloween special. Coincidentally enough, right about the time the special is expected to drop, the character will also be making his grand return to the Marvel Comics mythos. Tuesday, the House of Ideas announced the Jack Russell version of the classic Marvel horror character will appear in this year's Moon Knight annual.

A one-shot from Jed MacKay and Federico Sabbatini, Russell and the Fist of Khonshu will come to blows over the use of a Darkhold, the troubled tome that turned Russell into the shape-shifting anti-hero.

"It's been great seeing people respond to our MOON KNIGHT series, and it's always a bit of a thrill to give folks even more- and MOON KNIGHT ANNUAL #1 was the place to revisit some old history," MacKay said in a press release distributed by the publisher. "Moon Knight has changed a lot since he first did battle with the Werewolf by Night, but so has Jack Russell, and having the opportunity to see how these two interact now, all these years later, has been a lot of fun. And Jack isn't the only player in Moon Knight's history who is turning up when Federico Sabbatini joins us for another adventure (and draws the hell out of it, I must add)."

Russell's last meaningful appearance came during a Deadpool series in 2016 and recently handed the mantle down to a character named Jake Gomez in a limited series from Taboo, Benjamin Earl, and Scot Eaton.

Long-time composer Michael Giacchino is making his Marvel directorial debut on the live-action version of the series, which he confirmed to us last month.

"I've been having a blast. It's an incredibly challenging process. I love it," Giacchino said. "Everyday, I've been having fun working on it and we're int he middle of it. Hopefully, very soon we'll share a lot more about it. Yeah. There's not much I can't say other than I'm having a good time and I am working on something that I love. So, that's a win-win right there." 

Marvel Studios has yet to officially announce the project.