What It Would Take for Clive Owen to Join a Comic Book Film

In the early 2000s, Clive Owen was hitting his stride, appearing in some of the decade’s biggest [...]

In the early 2000s, Clive Owen was hitting his stride, appearing in some of the decade's biggest hits, including Children of Men, Sin City, King Arthur, and Inside Man, to name a few. Recently, Owen has been working a little more on independent fare and has been largely out the limelight. However, this weekend, Clive Owen returns to the big screen, appearing opposite mega-star Will Smith for Gemini Man, starring Smith in dual roles. In the film, Smith plays Henry Brogan, an elite assassin, who is suddenly targeted and pursued by a mysterious young operative that can predict his every move. As it turns out, the younger assassin is Junior, Henry's clone, created by Clay, Henry's former ally, played with villainous glee by Clive Owen.

We recently got a chance to sit down and have a chat with Mr. Owen at the Gemini Man premiere and talk about his career. While Clive Owen's no stranger to comic book movies since he appeared as Dwight in Frank Miller and Robert Rodriguez's nearly frame-for-frame adaptation of Sin City, somehow, Clive Owen has evaded the MCU and the DCEU. Of course, being who we are, we had to ask him why he hasn't yet appeared in a Marvel or DC movie, and what it would take for him to join up.

Clive's answer was surprisingly simple: "You better offer me a good part."

Between Marvel and DC, there's no shortage of good parts that'll be available for the taking over the next few years. Marvel's announced their film plans all the way through 2022, and that doesn't include the slew of MCU-connected television series that will air exclusively on Disney's new streaming app, Disney+. Meanwhile, the success of Joker means DC will likely be fishing out more opportunities for heavier, adult-oriented content. Never mind the fact that Disney now has their hands on both the X-Men and Fantastic Four for future possibilities, and Sony is looking to expand their Spider-verse in a big way, next with Venom 2 and Morbius, and rumored stand-alone films based around Madame Web and Kraven the Hunter. So yes, the possibilities seem endless, and now that Clive Owen has proved in Gemini Man that he can play a nasty villain, maybe that's how Marvel or DC might choose to use him?

Gemini Man barrels into theaters this Friday, October 11th. To see more of our interview with Clive Owen, simply check out the video at the top of the page.