[SPOILER] Dies In 'The Gifted' Fall Finale

In tonight’s fall finale of The Gifted, on the members of the Mutant Underground was killed.

Spoilers for The Gifted Season One, Episode 10, “eXploited” follow.

At the end of last week’s episode of The Gifted, titled “outfoX,” four of the Mutant Underground’s mutants were taken prisoner by Sentinel Services: Dreamer, Blink, Lauren Strucker, and Andy Strucker. These prisoners were all transferred to the custody of Dr. Roderick Campbell as Trask Industries.

Campbell was especially interested in the Struckers, who possess the same power as their great-grandfather and his sister, Andreas and Andrea Strucker, who together were known as the mutant terrorists called Fenris. Campbell has the Struckers dressed in special uniforms and sent to an unbreakable room built with walls of adamantium in order ot test their powers, which grow exponential whey they hold hands with each other.

The Struckers, realizing the destructive power they possess, try to resist Campbell’s demand despite the pain he can inflict on them with the collars on their necks. In order to persuade the Struckers to cooperate, Campbell has Blink and Dreamer brought into the lab and threatens them with a gun. Dreamer shouts to the Struckers and tells them not to do anything that Campbell asks. When she shouts out a second time, Campbell turns around and shoots her through the heart, killing her.

Fearing for Blink’s life, the Struckers finally join hands and use their powers for Campbell to study. Later, Lauren regrets using their powers because she believes it means that Dreamer died for nothing. Campbell, on the other hand, couldn’t be happier as he believes the readings he took from Andy and Lauren will allow him to solve their mutant problem once and for all.


By the end of the episode, Thunderbird and the rest of the Mutant Underground still don’t know that Dreamer has died since their rescue attempt was sabotaged by the Stepford Cuckoos. Fans will have to wait until the series returns from winter break to see what happens next.

The Gifted returns to Fox on January 1, 2018.