'Agents of SHIELD': Who Is the Woman at the End of "Together or Not at All"?

The various moving pieces of Agents of SHIELD's season five plot are coming together. One major [...]

The various moving pieces of Agents of SHIELD's season five plot are coming together. One major plot piece fell into place in the stinger of "Together or Not at All."

SPOILERS for Agents of SHIELD Season Five Episode Seven, "Together or Not at All," follow.

In last week's episode of Agents of SHIELD, Kasius forced Agent May to fight the Inhuman named Ben. Fitz intervened to stop Kasius from having her killed. Instead, Kasius exiled May to Earth's ruined surface.

in "Together or Not at All," a vrellnexian nearly catches May. Enoch saves her, but a new threat emerges. A gravity storm sends May floating into the sky. She's saved when a mysterious stranger pulls her back with a chain weapon.

In the episode's stinger, May wakes up inside what's left of the Zephyr One. Enoch is there, with a few other men. She's greeted by an older woman who suggests they've met before. She's holding a carved wooden bird in her hand.

Fans may remember that bird from earlier in Season Five. The episode "Rewind" flashed back to show how Fitz got to the future. He had a lot of help from Enoch. Enoch was working based on prophecies told to him by a young girl. That girl had the same bird, suggesting she is the person greeting May in the future.

This girl is Robin Hinton. She first appeared in the Season Three episode "Spacetime." She was the daughter of an Inhuman, Charles Hinton. When Charles touched another person, he saw flashes of that person's future death. It drove him away from his family. Daisy Johnson tried to save Charles from his own death and failed, but promised to take care of Robin for him.

Robin developed her own clairvoyant abilities. She was the one who told Enoch to send SHIELD to the future but leave Fitz behind. It is also Robin who instructs Enoch to help Fitz catch up with his friends.

Enoch, Robin, and her mother used the Lighthouse as a base. Fitz and Lance Hunter brought the Zephyr One there. It makes sense that Robin would still be with the Zephyr in future, leading what remains of humanity. Now May has arrived, presumably as Robin planned, and the rest of SHIELD is on the way.

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