Wolverine 3: Logan Photo Teases Rest Stop

Logan, Hugh Jackmans last film as titular X-Men character Wolverine, has released another vague photo via the xwponx Instagram account - this one more random than the last which showed a young man dressed in a tux for prom.

In the black and white photo below, you can see an older truck parked at a gas station in what looks like the middle of nowhere USA. Considering that Logan will actually take place in the future and this photo has a serious retro vibe, we aren't quite sure what this means - but we have an idea.

Rest Stop

A photo posted by @wponx on

As you can see, the truck and gas station are set amongst a desert landscape and titled "Rest Stop", which is a direct nod to the Old Man Logan comics.

The Old Man Logan event series follows an aged Wolverine and Hawkeye as they road trip through a desolate, villain-infested, future version of America named Amerika to deliver a secret package.

The desert landscape in the above photo is a nod to Amerika and the rest stop imagery is reminiscent to the cross-country travels of Wolverine and Hawkeye.

Amerika took the place of the United States 50 years after all the heroes were brutally slaughtered. Divided up amongst the head villains, the apocalyptic countryside is filled with both corruption and desert wastelands.

So far, we know that Logan will take place in the year 2024, and follows an older version of Wolverine who's powers are fading. Professor X and Caliban will also be in the film, the former a shell of himself and the latter who helps Logan care for Xavier. In the latest poster for the film, a smaller hand is seen holding Logan's, which we expected to be the female clone X-23, though her origin will likely differ from the character's comic book history.

The main villain, or at least one, was also revealed to be Donald Pierce, a cyborg who was a member of the Hellfire Club's Inner Circle. After being beaten by the X-Men, Pierce left the Hellfire Club and became the leader of the thuggish cyborg group called the Reavers.


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Logan will release in theaters on March 3, 2017.