Wolverine Brings Back a Fan Favorite Alias

While Marvel Comics' array of X-Men have brought about some interesting lore over the years, none have had a colorful history quite like Logan Howlett/Wolverine. The beloved mutant has developed a personal lore and history that has zigzagged in some unexpected ways, both through his decades following the Weapon X program and his tenure among the X-Men. The latest issue of his solo Wolverine series - which happened to be his 350th solo appearance overall - celebrated that eclectic history in a wide array of stories -- and brought back one of the most bizarre quirks of his canon in the process. Spoilers for the "War Stories" story in Wolverine #8 from Benjamin Percy, Viktor Bogdanovic, Matthew Wilson, and VC's Cory Petit below! Only look if you want to know!

The story sees Logan tracking David North/Maverick, who was believed to have orchestrated a deadly attack on a government black site. After interrogating one of Maverick's underlings, Logan finds out about a new place called the Legacy House, which supposedly deals with black market deals tied to mutant memorabilia.

Shortly after, Logan can be seen being fitted for a white tuxedo, with the plan of going undercover into the Legacy House's next auction. Logan then makes his way to Madripoor and accepts his hotel room key -- under the name of Patch.

wolverine 8 patch logan
(Photo: Marvel Comics)

For the uninitiated, the "Patch" persona was created during Wolverine's first solo series, which saw him and the other X-Men being presumed dead. In order to lay low and go undercover in Madripoor, Logan began going under the moniker of Patch, and donned a white suit and a black eye patch to further his disguise.


This technically isn't the first time that Patch has recently made a return in the comics, as Logan donned the persona during a guest appearance in the Black Cat solo series earlier this year. Still, the notion of Logan assuming the role of Patch again in his solo series - something that he hasn't done since he initially died in the comics - is definitely noteworthy. With the Legacy House auction still needing to happen in the pages of Wolverine, it's safe to assume that this won't be the last time we see him don the persona.

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