Marvel Fan Art Imagines the MCU Version of Wolverine

Hugh Jackman recently gave Marvel fans a serious (if not misguided) thrill, when he promised that Wolverine would be returning to movie screens. Of course, Jackman was absolutely not announcing a new Wolverine project for himself, but was rather out there kindly stumping for whomever would be the next Wolverine within the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

With the topic of MCU Wolverine once again buzzing in fans' minds and chat threads, this piece of artwork from character artist Tyler Breon has been inspiring a lot of love over on Reddit:

MCU's Wolverine (concept by Tyler Breon). Made by one of the Character Artists from Shadow of War from r/marvelstudios

As you can see, the concept for this MCU costume takes the classic Wolverine suits (both the yellow/blue and yellow/brown) and mixes them in with some of the more military-influenced looks from video games, cartoons, and modern comics to create a version of Wolverine who honors the source material, but looks fully modern and functional within the MCU. Better yet, this version of Wolverine would be easy to buy as a special agent of SHIELD, Weapon X, Team X, Department H, or any of the other official organizations he's belonged to in the comics. It'd be easy to also see the guy pictured above first bumping into the Avengers during one of their missions.

Talking about what kind of costume design Wolverine will get in the MCU is infinitely easier and more fun than talking about who will play the character. It's still uncertain if fans are ready for such a big jump with the live-action version of the character, who has been portrayed solely by Jackman for nearly two decades. However, Marvel is making a big push with re-inventing Wolverine on the comic book page right now, and so it's not hard to imagine some of that fresh creativity being synced with the MCU's upcoming reboot of Fox's X-Men properties.


Given how many changes to Wolverine -- including who holds the name and mantle -- that Marvel has made in the 21st century, its still debatable if Logan is the Wolverine the MCU needs to start off with. X-23/Laura was popular as the All-New Wolverine, and her live-action debut in Logan showed that she has mainstream appeal. Starting on that foot and eventually "resurrecting" Logan in the MCU (hot claws and all) could give more breathing room for Jackman's legacy to fade a bit more.

What do you think of this Wolverine MCU design? Let us know in the comments!